Martin McGuinness and Barra McGrory

On 22 November 2013, the DPP, Barra McGrory, requested the PSNI to investigate alleged British Army killings, based on allegations made in a BBC Panorama documentary. On 18 May 2014 I asked the DPP to conduct a similar exercise, based on allegations made by Ed Moloney, in his book, that McGuinness had approved the murder of my parents. McGrory wrote to me on 28 May 2014, refusing to so do. He said:”I do not therefore consider that any exercise of the power bestowed on me as DPP to require an investigation is necessary in this case”. He wished me well in my quest for justice. That , as far as he was concerned , was that.  I pointed out by return that at all material times , he was McGuinness’s legal adviser. I expressed surprise that he had made the decision personally. He replied , denying that he had made “any final decision in respect of the issue”. [When is a decision not a decision?]

He then delegated responsibility for the decision to the Senior Assistant Director. Despite promises, I still await a decision.

The affair highlights two important issues.

1. The poor quality of decision making by Barra McGrory whilst acting as a law officer.

2. The contrast between the twenty four hour decision in the Army case and the five month delay in mine.

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