Misconduct in a public office

Throughout my blogging career, particularly in relation to Libya, I have been ‘followed’ if that is the correct word, by “Frank Castle”, “August Christopher” and “Simon Templar”.

These three have made many comments about the Libyan case but more particularly about personalities involved. So crass have the comments been that I have not permitted them to appear on my blog, in most cases. When I did, in error, I was quite rightly asked to remove comments which were wrong, nasty and in some instances, libellous.

So who are these people?

They are one and the same. Constable Andrew Magowan of the PSNI, latterly stationed in Newtownards.

A number of officers have been disciplined for inappropriate social media comments but it doesn’t seem to stop him or indeed “The Disgraced Barrister”, if that is not another of his aliases.

The malise which is present in the PSNI, swinging the lead, barrack room lawyers, falsifying test results etc. shows no sign of going away. But then , if one looks at the senior officers that might be an explanation.

The other explanation is a bad upbringing.

Let’s see if the PSNI deal with this.


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